This is a continuation of the story titled A way of escape. You should read that post first in order to enjoy this better. Here goes…

Yemi looked at his watch again. It was almost midnight. Olamide’s line was switched off. To be sincere, he was getting paranoid. When the kids asked him what happened to Mummy, he lied and told them she went for a seminar and that she was caught in traffic. He knew it was a lie and it seemed like his first child also knew. As she sought to question him further, he told her and their other kids to eat their food and go to bed immediately. That was four hours ago. The sound of a vehicle stopping in front of the house brought him back to reality. He wondered whether it was his wife who had arrived. A few minutes later, she opened the door and walked in. She looked like a complete wreck. After some seconds, he broke the awkward silence and spoke with a firm voice, “Olamide, where have you been?”

“Sweetheart, hmmm. Just praise God for me o. Honestly, we should be thanking God. I was robbed! After I left the dental clinic, three guys walked up to me and beat me up. They took away my bag. I fainted and was lucky to be rescued by some Good Samaritans. They even…” Yemi cut in. “Ah. Olamide! Iyawo mi! When did you become like this? I called the dentist, Dr Femi who said she had not seen you in months. Why are you doing this to me? What example are you setting for our children?” In that moment, Olamide looked at him and knew her game was up. Within seconds, she was on her knees crying.

She told the story of how she met her ex-boyfriend and the events that followed. Yemi was hurt. Then, he exploded. “Are you so hungry that it took a plate of food to get you in his bed? What did you ever ask me that I didn’t give you? You are an ingrate. How do I know if the kids are even mine? I am disappointed in you!” As he stormed out in anger, she held on to him and begged with tears in her eyes. “Olowo ori mi, nothing happened. I am sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t even kiss him. It was just an emotional connection. It will never happen again. I promise. Please forgive me…The kids are yours. You are the only one that I have. Yemi, Ololufe mi, please forgive me” Yemi couldn’t bear to see her in tears. He pulled her up, held her and they cried like children who had been beaten by their class teacher.

As she laid on the bed, Olamide couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She was grateful for the second chance God gave her. She vowed never to make the same mistake again. Over the course of the next two months, she became the perfect picture of a wife and mother. She said the right words and did the right things. All the while, her ex-boyfriend, Seun, kept pestering her. He apologised for any inappropriate actions and pleaded with her to give him a chance. He just wanted them to be friends. Olamide refused. She was not going to repeat her mistake. She considered telling her husband but she changed her mind. It would only make him paranoid. She could handle it on her own.

All that changed when Olamide’s husband travelled for a conference outside the country that was meant to last for two weeks. On a cold Saturday afternoon, Olamide was lonely and needed some warmth. Right on cue, Seun called. He begged her to come over to his place just to catch up on old times. He claimed he was lonely and just needed some company. “Nothing more than that”, he said. She was bored, so she agreed. She left her kids with her younger sister and set out for Seun’s place.

Seun was the perfect gentleman. He welcomed her warmly and treated her with respect. She was impressed; he had changed. Seun went to the kitchen and served her jollof rice and chicken with a cold bottle of wine. Gradually, Olamide started feeling dizzy. Then, she slept off. Two hours later, she woke up and found herself in Seun’s bedroom. She looked around and saw Seun laughing hysterically. In that moment, she knew that she had messed up. “Seun, why did you do this to me? I thought you said you loved me as a friend and you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.” Seun could not control his laughter. “Hehehe. Kikiki. Clap for yourself! You want to put me in the legendary friend zone abi? Do I look like Yemi your lover? See, my wife and kids are coming in from the United States this evening. If you don’t get dressed and get out of here now…The thunder that will fire you will come with a doctor’s prescription: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and two in the night! Kikiki. Stupid girl! Get out of my house.” Olamide couldn’t stop crying. She had messed up. She had wasted her second chance…



PS. The story is fictional. Share your observations from the story, lessons you have learnt and also imagine for a minute that you could talk to Olamide, what would be your message to her?

You can read the conclusion of the story here.

  1. Hmm…. it’s hard to think of, all she has to do is to go back to God firstly and then tell the husband about it and she shld expect to bear the consequences, it will be good to carry along a reliable servant of God…

  2. My message to her will be…. Despite what has happened, God is still merciful to accept and restore her and with the help of God, she will have her home back…

  3. Well done with write up Ire.
    Emotional affairs are dangerous!

    It will always almost lead to something and eventually does (good or bad):
    The Good – You end it once you realise it and turn your back to it whilst seeking the necessary help to stand firm in your resolution or
    The Bad: you keep playing with fire and get burnt and live the consequences, whilst hurting your loved once, yourself and disappointing God.

    Thankfully, God gives more than second chances and will forgive once you come to Him in repentance but not so for humans. Its not easy to deal with such knowledge especially with a man. Even when he has decided to forgive, it will always nag at his thoughts. It takes only the grace of God.
    What about the children?

    I am a woman and I may sound judgemental to Olamide’s character but truly, she was SILLY! Really, really stupid. Really Cold??? No duvet? No blanket? No Fleece? or ordinary Aso ibora sef? Hug pillow nah! Children not enough company? Two weeks too long to wait for hubby to come back? Sorry Lamide, you were a stupid woman… no I mean Girl!

    Thankf goodness, I am not God and will never be. I am learning everyday and I pray never to be tested that way. Amen!

    1. Olamide don hear word o! 🙂 I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the blanket and aso ibora part.. Hehheee. I’ll deliver your message to her o . *smiles*.

      I enjoyed the analysis and breakdown of the good and bad lessons of emotional affairs. Thanks for the analysis and lessons. Thank you!!!

  4. Though the story is fictional but it has lots of things to say. As Christians we shouldn’t let go of our guard. As wives we should make sure that nobody is turning us on apart from our husband and if we feel we’re getting turned on by some other men due to familiarity and undue closeness, we should break off from it. There’s nothing prayer cannot do. Thanks iremide. May God continue to keep you for this generation

  5. Oh no!

    The children of this world are wise in their generation.

    Reminds me of Dinner. Christians shouldn’t be naive. We shouldn’t be ignorant is the devils devices.

    May God help us.

    I’m loving this story oo…

    Why I’m I just seeing it?

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