“You must be very stupid. Do you know how many people would give an arm and a leg just to have me talk to them? Just because I pitied you and married you, you think you can talk to me anyhow.” Ade ranted. Bola could not hold the tears in. She wept like a baby. She could not believe Ade could speak to her in that manner. After all they had been through, he had the guts to talk to her like that! They got married when he had not gotten a job and she footed the bills for their wedding without making any fuss about it. She persisted with him through the times of lack and inadequacy. Now, he had risen to the managerial cadre in his office and he forgot the sacrifices she had made. It hurt her.

That the kids were away at their Grandma’s place was Bola’s only consolation. She couldn’t bear to have them witness yet another fight between their Dad and Mum. The last time they fought, Femi their first son had to separate them. He sustained an injury in the process. It took two weeks for him to get back any sense of normalcy. Peace, their only daughter, and Yemi, their last child did not have the energy to intervene in any disagreement. All they did was cry and shout “Daddy, stop beating Mummy! Pleaseee. Stop beating Mummy.”

Bola snapped back to reality. She could not hold it in any longer; she blew her top! “Ade. So now you believe you are a hot cake, right? You think you are the best thing since sliced bread? I am sure this is because all those high-heeled, loosely-dressed daughters of Jezebel are swarming around you the way ants come around sugar. Let me take you down memory lane. Where were these idiots when you were roaming the streets jobless? Where were they when I would comfort you about yet another regret mail? Where were they when I paid the fees of the children? Where were they when you were just like every other bloke in town? Tell me where were they?”

Ade looked like he had been hit by a car. To say he was stunned would be an understatement. Bola looked into his eyes and she knew that she had hurt him. She knew that she had struck a chord in his heart in a way no one had ever done. She knew she had awoken the beast in him. At that moment in time, she regretted uttering those hurtful words. However, it was too late. The deed had been done. The beast was awake.

To her greatest surprise, Ade didn’t raise his voice. He didn’t hit her. He didn’t utter a word. He simply shook his head and walked upstairs. She shook in fear as he took those heavy steps. She did not know what to expect. Few minutes later, just as she considered going upstairs to persuade him, he reappeared with his travelling bag. She was shocked. She went on her knees and began to plead with him, “Ade, I am sorry. Olowo ori mi, ma binu. The love of my life. The father of my children. The crown on my head. Please forgive me. I promise never to say anything against you. Please don’t leave me. Please. See, you can continue with all those girls, I don’t care any longer. Just don’t leave me alone. Please! What would I do without you, Ade?” She shed tears and rolled on the floor holding his leg. He could not have been more unconcerned. He just shook her off like a pesky fly and made his way to the door.

As Ade started his vehicle, he did not know where he wanted to go. However, if there was one thing he knew, it was that he wanted to be anywhere but here. His wife hit the window beside him and cried, but he did not care. She had done her worst. Now, it was time for him to do his worst. He took a deep breath and then he drove out of the compound. He didn’t know it then, but that decision was one that would alter the path of his life significantly.

Oya oo.. The journey haff started!
What would you have done if you were in Bola’s shoes??
Where do you think Ade is going to??
Should Bola have paid for the wedding ceremony??

Feel free to share your comments

  1. I believe Ade pushed Bola to utter those statements, he shouldn’t have been that ungrateful for all her scarifice. Respect begat respect.

    1. Yes he could have pushed her, but an impatient woman can not build a home, a minute silence could have saved the situation

  2. patience does it in every relationship, it’s not wrong of her to have sponsored the wedding, but she could have handled the situation with wisdom… the scripture says “a wise woman builds her own home”
    The way out of it now, is to do everything possible physically and spiritually to win back the heart of her husband..

  3. Hmmm. This is a big one. For me I can’t sponsor any wedding.. if he doesn’t have any money let him wait till when he has… About him leaving the house, I would just hold on to God… Since marriage is for better for worse

  4. Interesting intro. I am tempted to read all parts before making any comments. However, all actions exhibited except one are normal things to happen between couples. When emotions run hot and there is anger, it only takes a true child of God living in His grace not to utter hurtful words to one’s husband or wife. The only thing I will not subscribe to which is totally ABNORMAL in this intro is the fact that there is domestic violence. I will not support that. There is no excuse whatsoever for either a man or woman to beat their spouse. In terms of sponsoring wedding, a woman will do some things for some certsain reasons. She probably saw her husband-to-be’s potentials for the future, level of seriousness and was led by the Spirit to undertake such responsibility. Whoever said that a wife can not make up for the husband’s shortcomings financially? It does not only have to be emotionally or otherwise.

    1. Hmmm.. I’ve learnt a lot from this. I also don’t agree to domestic violence. There really isn’t any justification for it, and the fact that the man in this story is a repeat offender makes it even worse.

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