Bola jolted back to life. She didn’t know what had happened, but she knew something was wrong. The black cloud that she dreamt about was definitely not ordinary. That much she knew. Quickly, she picked up her phone and called her mother. She tried to sound as casual as possible. After few minutes of forced cheerful banter, she asked if her children were fine. Her mother replied affirmatively. The kids were enjoying their holidays and they each took time to speak to her. As she dropped the call, she knew that her husband was in danger. She did not have any proof, but she knew. She just knew.

Ade woke up. It was already night! As he came back to life, he wondered where he was and how he got there. Suddenly, it came back to him. He had been attacked by some hoodlums. He looked at his self and realized all he had on was his singlet and his boxers. His phone, His debit card, His cash, His car, His food… everything was gone! He was in the middle of nowhere. Or so he thought.

Despite her stubborn mind telling her to ignore the strange nudging, she picked up her phone and called her husband. Even though he was a goat, he was still her husband. “The number you are calling is switched off. Please try again later” Her heart skipped a beat and when it resumed, it beat faster than she had ever imagined possible. Her fears had been confirmed. Ade was in danger. She screamed but there was no one at home to share her sorrow with. As she started getting paranoid, she considered the possibility that Ade was not in danger, but he was with one of the numerous ladies that flocked around him. Try as she did, neither thought brought peace to her heart. She was worried.

He didn’t know why but he felt a sudden peace in his heart. Considering the fact that he was virtually naked, homeless and lost, that was strange. He had no idea where he was, but he felt a strange sense of belonging. The village was already asleep. As he searched for somewhere he could rest his head, he saw something that looked like a hall of some sorts. He went in and he slept.

The sound of a crowd singing and shouting woke him up the next morning. It then dawned on him that he had spent the night in a church. Fortunately for him, he had slept in the last pew. He tried to get out of the church without being noticed. He was almost successful when he heard a voice that shook him to the innermost parts of his being.

At the police station, the officers questioned her. She looked stupid as she answered them. In hindsight, it had been a wrong decision to come to the station. She told them her husband was missing, they asked her how long he had been gone and how she was sure he was missing. She told them he left the house on Friday evening after a quarrel and that she had not heard from him since then. The officers laughed at her. “Madam, he is a grown man for goodness sake! He is obviously not in the mood to speak to you. It is possible sef that he is enjoying the company of some beautiful daughters of Eve as we speak. Hehehe. If you don’t hear from him in the next three weeks, then let us know.” I left the station in anger. What nonsense!

Oya oo… The journey continues. I won’t ask questions like that like that..  Which direction do you think this whole story is headed?? What do you feel would come next?

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