As a secondary school boy, I was not just committed to my academic excellence, I was also committed to my spiritual growth. Thank God my school (Ajuwon High School) allowed Christian fellowship in the school and we were meeting every Friday after the school hour. This fellowship was being coordinated by Scripture Union (S.U), and it was an annual culture for S.U to organize general camping programmes for secondary school students during the Easter period and the long vacation period.

In the year 1999, I attended the camp and at that camp, I met so many teenagers like myself there. There was a teenage girl in that camp that year whose singing talent was very beneficial to the campers that year as she was always leading songs or leading the hymns with other choirs.

By the grace of God, God singled me and my dear friend Sam Neye out among the campers through our characters, Spirituality, and commitment to the camp programs.

After the programme, this young lady (Tope Osibo) came to us and we became friends throughout the camp. She told us she has a sister and they always attend the camp together but she did not make to the camp that year. We were so eager to meet her.

The following camp, she came with her sister and we met. She’s a very cool, beautiful and spiritually thirsty young lady. Four of us became friends. We were more into building each other up academically, spiritually and socially.

We were friends, myself and sister Grace Oluwatosin Diyaolu. The friendship at first was like discipleship or mentoring. Later, after about 5 years of Friendship, it was dawning on me and on us that we were loving each deeper many things were pointing to the fact that we are meant to be husband and wife. I took time to seek the face of God on it. I checked my love for her and I checked her love for me.

We deepened our friendship until it was cleared to me that God wants me to marry her. She on the other side had been sensing the signal and getting the convictions too that I am meant for her. Then, it came to pass that on the 3rd of October, 2005, at 7:00 p.m. I proposed to her at her hostel, No.1 Aye bus stop, Isolo, Lagos.

And on October 30th of October,2005, at 8pm, at the same place, she said ‘Yes ‘ to my proposal and we started the journey to this glorious and great marriage that day with the giving of a white Bible to symbolize our decision to have a pure courtship. We courted for 3 years and 2 months and on 18th, December 2008, by 11:45am, we were pronounced Husband and Wife at All Saints, Anglican Church, Yaba Lagos. Glory be to God.

What lessons did you learn from the Diyaolus? Feel free to share.

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