This blog is 3 years old. Wow.

It’s been 3 years since I decided to take the leap and start a blog. My biggest fear before starting was how I would continue. I didn’t want to start and then run out of steam. This is why each Blogversary means so much to me. It is a reminder that the dream is still alive and still blessing lives.

As a friend says, writing is a privilege and a responsibility. Looking back over the years, I’m grateful to God and to you. To God, for innumerable mercies. For inspiration. For the privilege to speak His mind. To you, for the support, encouragement, and feedback. For comments, contributions, and prayers. I am encouraged and challenged. Thank you. Yes, you. Thank you

This past few months, we had the Becoming Soul Mates series where four amazing couples shared the stories of how they met and some lessons they’ve picked up along the way. We had the second season of The Wedding Story! We met Omoba and some interesting people in The Call and subsequently The Called.

Also, there was the release of my second book, Unveiled which is a collection of seven life-transforming stories. Then we had Writing for a Change 2018 – a series that seeks to improve Christian writers. There were also a number of short stories posted on the blog. You can check them out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them.

Sooooo….I’m looking back with gratitude and looking ahead with the hope of a brighter tomorrow!

Cheeerss to more impactful years ahead… 🍾


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