“You are God,

you are not just big o,

you are not just large o,

You are a great God!”

Pastor Eli danced and swayed to the rhythm of the music. It was thanksgiving service and he was grateful for all that God had done in his family and ministry.

“You’ve done so much for me,

I cannot tell it all,

Narekele mo.

If I had ten thousand tongues, it still won’t be enough,

Narekele mo!”

As he waved his hands, he saw a sight that baffled him. “It couldn’t be her. Could it? There was no way the lady in the second row would be Funmilayo. No way.” He thought to himself.

30 minutes into the service, Deacon Funsho took the microphone. We have 3 people who will be sharing their testimonies with us. Please, we have just 5 minutes for this. So let’s go straight to the point.

Testifier 1:

Praiiiiiiseeee the Lord! I said brethren, praiseeee the living Jesus! That Halleluyah is too small for my Jesus. I said praise Master Jesus! See those people sitting down and praising my God…

Deacon: Sir, please tell us what God did for you. We have limited time.

T1: I just want to give glory to God for his goodness to me and my family. Praise the Lord!!!

Testifier 2

T2 went on her knees, closed her eyes and began to sing a song of worship to God.

2 minutes later, she was still singing.

Deacon: Ma, please tell us what God has done for you.

T2: My dear, please bring the baby.

A middle aged man stepped out from the congregation with a baby in his hands and stands beside the woman.

T2: Pastor Eli, excuse me, sir. Do you remember me? I am the woman you saw standing here at the annual convention two years ago, praying to the Lord. I asked him for this child, and he gave me what I asked for. So I am dedicating him to the Lord. As long as he lives, he will belong to the Lord.”

It was then Pastor Eli remembered. So much had changed since he the last time he saw the woman. He remembered watching as she staggered into the auditorium after the Youth praise night. Her shouts and hysterical squeals made him wonder if she was drunk.

When he confronted her, she told him that she was barren. He didn’t know what to say but suddenly he heard God say to him, “It is settled”

So he said to the woman, “Go in peace, and may the God of Israel give you what you have asked him for.” That was then.

As he held the baby in his hands for the child dedication, he smiled. He was holding the evidence of God’s faithfulness. A physical manifestation of answered prayers.

Pastor Eli: Church, please rise and let us pray.

This boy, Samuel Oluwagbotemi Olabisi, is an evidence that God sees. That God answers prayers.

Mama Samuel: Yes, pastor!

Pastor Eli: His mother had been mocked and ridiculed for years, but the Lord stepped in and changed her story. He changed her name from barren to mother. He changed her condition for gloom to glory.

Youth leader: Hmmm!! Yes Lord!

Pastor Eli: So I pray for everyone under the sound of voice, the Lord will step into your situation in Jesus name!

Church: Amen!

Pastor Eli: Your days of weeping are over in Jesus name!

Church: Amen!!

Pastor Eli: Where you have been called barren, you will be called fruitful in the name of Jesus.

Church: Amen!!

Pastor Eli: Those of you who have been called unemployed or underemployed. Those of you who are working with maximum efforts but are reaping minimal rewards. I decree elevation of status in the name of Jesus!

Church: Amen!

Pastor Eli: The Lord will settle you in heights beyond your imagination in Jesus name.

Church: Amen!!

Pastor Eli: For business owners that have become perpetual debtors, I decree that you’ll experience a mighty turnaround in Jesus name!

Church: Amen!!

Pastor Eli: You shall no longer be forsaken or forgotten!

Church: Amen!

Pastor Eli: Like Isaac, you will experience Rehoboth! The Lord will make room for you and you shall be fruitful in the land in Jesus name.

Church: Amen!

Pastor Eli: For those who are called unsaved, the saving grace of Jesus will locate you. You will cross from darkness into His manifold light in Jesus name.

Church: Amen!!

Pastor Eli: For all you are asking for. For all of your heart desires. For all your concerns, the Lord will attend to them beyond your expectations. The Lord will give you victory. By the time we gather here again, you will have reasons to rejoice in Jesus name.

Church: Amen!!!

Pastor Eli: Thank you Lord for answered prayers. Thank you because we are sure that we will see the manifestation of your words in our lives. For we pray in Jesus’ mighty name!

Church: Amen!!!

Pastor Eli: Church, don’t forget. When the Lord gives you the answer to your prayers, your response should be to dedicate it to Him.

That child. That car. That job. Your family. The proceeds from that contract. The knowledge gained from that scholarship. The influence from that promotion.

Just like Samuel was dedicated to God, whatever God gives you should be used to His glory. It is well with you! Go and rejoice!


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