Two weeks ago, Benjamin went to visit his childhood friend Peter. He planned to spend the weekend there. After work on Friday, the guys went to play football for hours. They were tired and sweaty by the time they got home. Benjamin went to the bathroom to clean up. When he got back to the room, he met Peter sleeping. He was worried but then he assumed that maybe Peter was just tired. On Saturday morning, however, his fears were confirmed. After his morning devotion, he went straight to the kitchen. He cannot come and go and die of hunger. He quickly ate eight slices of bread and pushed it down with strawberry flavoured yoghurt. Then, he remembered that he had plans to go to the mall with Peter. He quickly rushed to the bathroom to clean up. After that, he brushed his teeth. He put on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and went to call Peter, only to realise that Peter was already dressed!

“Guy! You no dey baff ni? Ahnahn. Yesterday after match na so so sleep you sleep. I think say na mistake. Then, this morning again! Bros abeg go baff joor.” Peter shook his head and smiled, “My brother. This baffing thing is for children. As an adult, I don’t need to baff, brush or eat every day. Doing these things once in a week is okay for me to refresh myself.” Benjamin burst into laughter. “Oga Peter, you can’t outgrow the basics. Whether you are young or old, you need to do these things regularly. Oya. Go and baff joor!”

PS. The story is fictional.

Writer’s comment: As believers, we can’t outgrow basic spiritual disciplines. We don’t do these things out of compulsion however, we do them from a heart that seeks to know and love God more. Praying, Bible reading, Bible study, Fasting and other disciplines should not be discarded in the name of “maturity”. I pray God grants us insight to understand and grace to adhere. Amen!

  1. A structure that discards its foundation will collapse. A tree that has root problems will die. The basics matter…always.

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