In the last few days of year 2016 God taught me certain lessons. One day I was by the well trying to fetch some water using a fetcher. But I discovered that the fetcher could not really fetch as fast and full as it was meant to because the water level in the well had significantly gone down due to the dry season and the rope attached to the fetcher did not reach the water well due to its length. While I thought of what to do to help myself, I discovered that the rope had so many knots on it. Then I figured that if I could loosen all the knots on the rope, it would become longer and I would fetch my water with less stress. The lessons I learnt are as follows:

  • The rope acquired the knots while it was being used to fetch from the well. As we walk in life trying to fulfill our purpose on earth, sometimes we get into some situations that are like knots that if they are not solved immediately they occurred, they would eventually become very firm and continue to get tighter with every attempt at fulfilling purpose. And the older those knots or situations get, the more difficult it will become for anyone to loosen them.
  • Those knots shortened the entire length of the rope and prevented it from reaching its desired destination. If we allow those situations that entangle frequently to dominate our journey in life, then we will not be able to reach our desired goal or destination.
  • There is someone who is interested in the fulfillment of your purpose/destiny in life and that person will sit patiently to carefully loosen every unwanted and useless knot that has been tied.

God is the one who is interested in loosening you from every unnecessary knot that was not properly dealt with no matter how old those knots are. Because I needed water from the well, I had to untie every knot on the rope so that I could get what I desired. And then I imagined how God patiently and lovingly sits down with our lives just to take us out of every mess we might have entered regardless of how old those knots may be. When I thought about all these things, I prayed silently in my heart that God should untie every useless knot and clean up every mess in my life (those things that are shortening my ability to get to my destination).

Dear reader, I want to encourage you not to give up on the possibility of fulfilling your purpose in life because GOD IS COMMITTED TO TAKING YOU TO YOUR DESTINATION IN LIFE. God is not an author of confusion and He will shed His light on every grey area in your life. Just like I sat by the well untying each knot (regardless of their age and how difficult they were), God is ready to sit with you each day of your life to untie you from ALL the mess of your past. Are you ready for Him today? Just close your eyes and tell Him sincerely in your heart to come and sit with you. Tell Him that you are ready for Him. Tell Him that you do not mind even if the process of untangling will be painful or long. Just tell Him that you are ready and gradually, you will begin to enjoy your freedom in Christ Jesus and you will discover that every day of your life now takes you closer to the ultimate fulfillment of your purpose in life.


Ask that God will untie from your life every knot and set you free from any mess in Jesus name.

Author: Ifeoluwa Oloruntoba

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