My eyes were open and I saw a vision:

There was a man who was a nobody. He was unknown, unworthy and uncelebrated. His past was saddening and his future was bleak. The journey of his life was poised to end in a similar manner to those that have gone ahead of him. His journey was headed for a dead end. Suddenly, something happened.

I saw a hand like that of the Lord reach out from the sky. It took the man from the dunghill where he had lived all his life. In awe, I looked on and wondered where the hand was taking the man to. I didn’t need to wait for long. The next thing I saw, the man was sitting on a great throne. From grass to grace was the theme of his life.

As he sat on the throne, he ruled according to the Master’s decree. He was a worthy steward. However, as time passed, the man’s zeal began to wane. He forgot why he was there. He forgot who brought him there. He stopped been fruitful. Time after time, the Master and his managers came to observe the activities of the city where they placed the man. They were disappointed.

To everyone in the city, the king was doing well, but to the Master, he was falling short of expectation. He was receiving the grace of God in vain. So, a decision was made. To the human eye, the throne was occupied. However, I knew that was not so. As I looked to the Heavens, I heard the Master give a command: PREPARE A REPLACEMENT. THE THRONE IS VACANT.

As the angel in charge of recruitment made for the earth, I heard a cry. It shook me to the depths of my being. It was Mercy crying.  The lamb that was slain was weeping on behalf of the man. “One more chance, Father. One more chance…” The Father was adamant, “This man has been greatly blessed, protected and helped. Yet, he keeps receiving my grace in vain. He keeps disappointing Heaven. Angel, Go and Prepare a Replacement” Mercy wept. Judgment laughed cruelly. However, just as the angel was about to reach the earth, The Father called him back. “Leave him alone for one more year. Dig around him and fertilise him. If he lets go of the sin that easily entangles him and bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut him down.’”

  1. Lord pleàse help my life not to waste your mercy over me, mercy shall continually speak for me….thanks ire

  2. The way you illustrate fictional events, making them seem like they really happened fascinates me. You hold people’s attention, mine included and I can’t look away till I finish. Awesome work! BTW, I saw your book in the BBSF president’s office while I was in school. I didn’t get a chance to read it, but I guessed it must be filled with a lot of insightful things. I pray God continues to uphold you

    1. Amen! Amen! I’m so grateful. I don’t know if there is another way to say Thank You. The writing, the stories, the book… it all comes from God. I really am just a channel He chooses to use as His scribe. Sometimes I read some things I have written and I just know that was not me. It was God in me. It is God in me.

      Thank you so much once again. About the book, there is a link here that you can use to download the e-version

      I hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to your feedback …

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