It has been a while since I wrote anything here. I apologize for the break. There was a need to step back, take in and consider how things can be better than they are. I’m working on some projects and I’m really excited about them.In due time, I am sure that you would get to know about that and be blessed by them. I can’t wait!! By the way, when I am not here blogging, you can reach me on my Facebook page: Iremide Akinsola

Today’s article is a special article. I trust that it would bless you greatly as it has blessed me.This post is going to make use of an illustration that is boxing related. It’s not a perfect description of the technique but it is quite straightforward. I really hope that you get the lessons that God wants to teach us today.

When a boxer wants to deliver a deadly blow to his opponent’s head, he doesn’t aim at the head directly. Rather, he delivers series of seemingly unrelated body shots (punches aimed at the body). He hits the left side of his opponent and then the right side…and on and on and on. However, the focus is not the body, it is the head.

As time goes on, the opponent loses guard and then leaves his head open, thereby giving the boxer the perfect opportunity for the deadly head shot he had wanted right from the beginning. In essence, the jabs were just a tool to land the right hook.

How does this apply to our Christian journey? Well, I strongly believe that the devil operates in a similar fashion. When the devil wants to hurt you in a particular way or area of your life, he rarely goes straight to the point. What he usually does is bring up series of seemingly unrelated occurrences that lead to you losing your guard and suffering the deadly attack.

I’ll give one illustration to make things a bit clearer (Also, I’ll be glad if you can give other examples that you have experienced or can imagine).

Imagine that the devil wants to get Mr. Haruna angry. Rather than bring up one big incident, the devil brings up “little” incidents Firstly, a driver splashes water on Mr. Haruna as he leaves for work in the morning. Next, his bank’s ATM refuses to dispense cash and he has to walk 15 minutes to get a functioning one . After he finally got to the office, he discovered that he forgot his flash drive at home. Things go from bad to worse all through the day. Finally, Mr. Haruna gets home and it happens that his wife has not finished preparing his meal. “Suddenly” Mr. Haruna flares up and insults his wife. In essence, the devil succeeded. The seemingly unrelated events all through the day achieved the purpose of the enemy.

So, when next things start going wrong in a sequence or over a period of time, be on guard. The devil might just be jabbing you and setting you up for a deadly “right hook”. God help us and keep us from falling. Amen. 🙂

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