Thursday Night. The Adebisi’s residence.

Sade: Mummy, our midterm is finishing on Friday and we are resuming on Monday.

Mummy: So what’s the problem with that?

S: Mummy, aunty Rebecca said she will not allow us to enter the school compound if we don’t come with the receipt of our school fees.

M: Ehen, is that so?

S: Yes Mummy. She was even saying that shebi our daddy is an evangelist and our mummy is a deaconess, that can’t they pray for money ni?

M: She said that?

S: Yes Mummy. She did o. And Tolu said that my socks is multi color and multi purpose. That it can serve as socks and rag.

M: He said that?

S: Yes Mummy. Uncle …

M: Ahahn! It’s okay! I’ve heard you. Don’t worry you and your brother will go to school with your school fees on Monday morning.

S: That’s how you use to say, Mummy. You have been saying it since the beginning of the term.

M: If you don’t keep quiet there. This time is different. God will provide. You and your brother will go to school on Monday with your fees and a new set of socks and shoes.

S: Mummy, how will it happen?

M: My dear, God will provide.


Saturday afternoon. Mile 12 market.

Mrs. Chibuzor picks up her phone and calls Mrs. Adebisi.

C: Good afternoon ma. How is the family ma?

A: Mrs. Chibuzor! Really nice hearing from you. The family is fine, we thank God.

C: That’s great ma. Please ma, can you send your account number to me. I want to make payment for some of those gowns that you sold to me last month. Don’t be offended with me for paying late, business hasn’t been moving so well.

A: Offended ke? Not at all. Thank you so much ma.

C: Also, the Lord has been placing it on my mind to send something to you for your children. Please don’t reject it. Please ma.

A: Wow, that’s great! Thank you so very much ma.

10 minutes later

Acct: 013*****87

Amt: 80,000.00 CR


Avail Bal: 80,290.01

Acct: 013*****87

Amt: 20,000.00 CR


Avail Bal: 100,290.01


Mrs. Adebisi shouted! The total was the exact amount needed for the school fees of her children!

Her daughter Sade ran into the kitchen. Mummy, what happened.

M: My daughter, see this alert! See the description! God is faithful!!

S: Wow! This is a miracle! God is good o!

M: You can say that again, my dear. Let me call Mrs. Chibuzor and appreciate her.

After the call, Sade and her mother began to sing and dance in the kitchen. Then Mrs. Adebisi remembered. She had told her daughter that there will be new socks and shoes for them. She was reluctant to bring it up for fear of disappointment. God had already provided the most important thing, that other one was secondary.

As she made the decision to keep quiet, she heard a still small voice, “Shall I bring to the point of birth and not cause to bring forth?” She recognized the verse. Isaiah 66:9. She knew what she had to do. She stopped dancing and looked at her daughter with a smile on her face. “Sade, this is not all. God will provide the new socks and shoes too.” Her daughter didn’t look interested. “Mummy, this school fees is enough jare. God should not bother about the other things.”

Mrs. Adebisi shook her head. “God owns everything. Nothing bothers him! He will provide it”


Sunday night. 9:30pm. The Adebisi’s residence.

Mrs. Adebisi was worried. She had been so sure that the items she was trusting God for would come, but it seemed like there was nothing forthcoming.

She knelt down and prayed. As she was praying, she heard a knock on the door. She refused to answer until she finished praying. She wondered who it was.

Mrs. Adebisi opened the door and saw Dr. Theresa, her childhood friend who she had not seen since she relocated to Germany 27 years ago.

M: Ore mi!!!!! This is wonderful!!! What are you doing here? When did you arrive in Nigeria? How did you locate me?

T: Grace! So many questions! You have not changed. I just arrived in Nigeria this night and I was on my way to the hotel when something kept troubling my heart. I had gotten your address from Bukky, that your family friend who was our senior in school. I got some gifts for you & your children and I planned to surprise you tomorrow morning. But something kept telling me it was important for me to get to you tonight. So here I am.


35 minutes later, Dr. Theresa was on her way to her hotel.

At the Adebisi’s residence, the family gathered round the dining table to unwrap the gifts that they were given.

To their greatest surprise, it contained 4 pairs of shoes for each of the children and 2 pairs of socks. They tested them and amazingly, they were a perfect fit.

The package also included a phone, gown and designer shoe for the mother of the house as well as a MacBook for Mr. Adebisi.

At this point, the children were running around the living room in their new shoes, while their parents stared at the gifts in shock. Mr. Adebisi’s eye caught an envelop in the pack and as he opened it, he saw hundreds of dollars neatly packed!

…story finish…

Shall we pray?

Lord Jesus, we pray for those who are going through tough times, we ask that you will intervene in their situations. In a way that will bring glory to You, in a manner that is beyond their expectations, please supply their needs according to your riches in glory.

We pray that what has been insufficient will become surplus. We pray that those who have hitherto lacked will become channels of blessings. We receive miraculous interventions. We receive the ministration of angels. We will dance and sing for joy. We will be great financiers of kingdom project. We will be faithful stewards of Heaven’s resources.

All these we ask in Jesus name. Amen.


What did you learn from the story? What was your best part? Have you ever experienced miraculous provision? Feel free to share

  1. I have a lot of testimonies of God’s Divine provision, I will share the most recent one.
    Few days ago I ran out of cooking gas at home, bank account is empty, purse contains less than #1000, we had to trust God as a family and then we prayed. After the prayer I told my husband that we will refill the gas the next day.
    Next day came and no show all day. I went to bed quite early, at around 9pm my husband came into the room with money in his hands, he handed it over to me and whao, it was #10,000 from a neighbor who said God impressed it upon his heart to give that money to us that very night.
    God indeed answers prayers

  2. The scripture Isaiah 66: 9, almost brought tears to my eyes, never have i seen that scripture in that light. thank you sir.

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