Dear Ire,

How are you doing? I am so happy to write to you today. I can see you smiling as you read this letter. Well, you almost always smile. So, that’s not a surprise. Without further ado, let me dive into the purpose for this letter.


I know that you have read “Think Big” and “Gifted Hands” by Dr Ben Carson. First of all, you should thank your parents for introducing you to books. The reading culture you learn from them would be a tremendous help for you. Back to those books. I know that you are thrilled and pumped up. Because of Dr Carson’s example, you believe you will become a great Doctor. My brother, I am sorry to break the news to you, it won’t happen. Wait nau. Don’t look sad. Look at the facts. You don’t enjoy all those biology drawings. You don’t really like seeing blood. You see?

As you grow, you will realize that your strengths are not suited for the medical profession. You will leverage on your love for figures, analysis and stuff like that. You will end up studying Economics…and you will love it. Let me not go further.

Ire, there is something I need you to do more. I need you to enjoy “moments” more. Don’t wait for them to become “memories” before you enjoy them. I know you think about the future, but please try and enjoy the present more often. You hear? Ehen. For example, when it is time for your VS, don’t be caught up thinking about how much you’ll miss the people who have played a major role in your life. Rather, enjoy the moments!!!

Finally and most importantly, I believe you need to take your relationship with Christ more serious. I know you have learnt some memory verses, but it goes beyond that. God seeks a personal relationship with you. He wants to talk to you! I know you are wondering how that works. Don’t worry, just take the necessary steps and you’ll be amazed. Read your Bible more. Also, don’t be focused on gaining “head knowledge” without the necessary “heart transformation”. As you draw closer to God, the years ahead will greater than you can ever imagine. Honestly!


There are things I would love to tell you, but I have decided not to. The reason is that I’m not sure you’ll believe them. Even if you do believe them, you’ll get so worried about how to make the things happen. So, I’ll save you the stress. I have to go now. I love you, Ire…God loves you. We will talk soon. You hear? Bye bye

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  1. More of God in you, Iremide. Trust me, I read it all ( including all the submissions of fellow writers-per-excellence like you. The assemblage of inspiring pen masters like you is a testimony that hope is not lost on our generation.

    I salute you all – Eunice, ‘Funmbi, Oyetade and Iremide. I doff my cap!

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