Hello Younger Version,

I have a better knowledge of those things you thought you knew hence I can tell you how best I’ve been able to live through your age to where I am now.

How are you? Well, you don’t have to answer me as I know you have a lot in your mind. I know you’re struggling to be you at this time. See, I know of the many nightmares that were never talked about, I know of the many dreams that didn’t see the daylight, I also know of the struggles to be you other than what your folks presume you to be.



You were a very brilliant girl when I left you, always wanting to know more of everything you hear of, are you still like that? I doubt it! Let me share with you a little of what I went through and so many of what I’ve learnt after I left you.

I was raped by that boy that kissed you and said it was a mistake, you remember he’s your mum’s cousin’s son, right? After then I’ve been through a lot of ordeals searching for love, attention and validation. I went from bed to bed and even to hospitals to kill the results of the prayers*. I was praying* by sleeping around with those guys.

But you know what, now I know better, through all those ordeals, I’ve learnt vital life lessons which I’ll be sharing with you.

  1. I learnt that I had been living with an entitlement mentality. Do you know what that means? It means I had been living my life on effect and not cause. It means that I was living my life on the definition of other people. I had blamed Mummy for being too strict and overprotective, blamed my friends for influencing me wrongly, blamed everyone and everything I thought could have held me back.

This is wrong! I was wrong! Everyone who knows their right from their left should be responsible for themselves and their actions. You’re not entitled to anything from anyone, you only get what you negotiate for from life. You should be intentional about your life.

  1. The second lesson is that I have to live my life with the many shades of it, celebrating my strengths, embracing and working hard on my weakness. I am working on finding purpose, living and not just existing. I learnt to see my life in the light of what God calls it to be. I lived for so long believing that all that was written in the scriptures about me was false as I was engrossed in the contrary. However, I learnt these things the hard way. Now, I am embracing all that has been written about me and celebrating my capabilities!!
  1. I learnt the act of showing up when nature/life calls for representatives. Rather than sitting still and expecting things to just happen, I learnt to lend helping hands and strive for all I deserve. Great things don’t happen by default.

Let me stop here but just before I do, I want to let you know that I am a changed person now. I have been transformed by Christ. I am a big girl now ready to settle down with a man that aligns with my values of integrity, focus, family, relationship and balance.  I am doing well in my chosen field as a teacher/School administrator and a fishpreneur.

I am glad I’m a better person now than the way I left.

With love from your older version 🙂


*There is an analogy about every action either good or bad being a prayer which would be answered by the results of such actions. For example, someone who is sleeping around is praying to get pregnant or get infected with a disease.

Oluwafunmbi Purpose Adeoti is a young graduate of Zoology from Bowen University Iwo, Osun State. She’s a dynamic lady, a survivor and quite eccentric. LOL. She’s a fish farmer with interest in Fish Farming and Processing. Her greatest interest borne out of passion is seeing teenagers turn out to be successful adults. She seeks to help them build a strong and healthy self-esteem. She does this by organizing outreaches and camps for teenagers in schools and churches which she started in 2015. She preaches self-awareness and being responsible for one’s self. Thus, she calls herself the #YouNicheNess Crooner.

  1. Great lessons. Indeed, there is much to learn when we engage the power of hindsight!

    Thanks for sharing Aunty Funmbi. You inspire me always.

    Well done Iremide. God bless you.

  2. Wow…. powerful points up there.

    Be intentional about your life

    Don’t just exist, LIVE!!! Find purpose and fulfill it.

    Show up!!!

    Thanks for sharing Funbi.
    God bless you Immensely. 😍

  3. I’ve come to realise something about Jesus, nothing is impossible HIM.

    He even specialises in impossibilities.

    Thank God for your life ma’am.
    Keep soaring and swimming in His Grace!

  4. There’s a lot we would undo if we could be our younger selves again with the insights of our older selves. But we can’t go back in time. We can only put to use the lessons gained from our experience(s).

    Funmbi is a survivor. The errors of the past has shaped her present disposition about life. Well, I guess yesterday’s mess payed off seeing how purpose driven she’s become. Not everyone has the strength to rise above such odds. I’m proud of this babe.

    Good job.

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