Episode 5: Data Wahala

Love is a beautiful thing. Several times I have seen friends and colleagues claim to fall in love. I had laughed at them, I had teased them. Little did I know I was next to be hit by this storm – the love storm. My name is Victor and my data just finished.

This was not the time for my data to finish. I was really troubled; what did she want to tell me that was so serious? I didn’t have money in my account and it was too late in the night to purchase airtime. I tried getting up to use any of the hotspot at home, but it was too late into the night.

Everything was just wrong – no airtime, no data. Nothing, absolutely nothing! Come to think of it, it’s like 2 GB is the new 2 MB. When did I subscribe? How many times will I subscribe during this lockdown o? I was still battling with my thoughts when the sweet arms of sleep wrapped me in.

I woke up, then had my quiet time. The quiet time was not in any way quiet as I kept thinking of a way to go online and speak with my baby…well, baby in advance. I stopped deceiving myself and closed my Bible.

After family devotion, I sneaked into my parent’s room to turn on my Mum’s hotspot. Getting hold of the phone, I heard a voice behind me: “Victor, what are you looking for?” “Your phone,” I replied. “Shey you don’t have your own phone again ni?” Mum continued. “I want to use your hotspot,” I said. “It’s not only hotspot, it is hot plate,” Mum said, as she took her phone from me. Dad’s phone was not an option. Stores were not opened as a result of the compulsory lockdown can’t they just disobey ni?

As I took a walk around the house, I remembered the scripture that says “He calleth things that were not as if they were”. The word also says “Decree a thing and it shall be established”. I remembered another that says “Anything you ask in my name I’ll do it”. These words ignited my faith; I stood on the premises of those words and decreed airtime and data into my life. Miracles do happen. The question is do you believe?  Few steps later my phone beeped…so fast, unbelievable.

I placed my hand in my pocket, brought out my phone only for me to realize it was a message from NCDC!! “Take responsibility! Wash your hands frequently with soap under running water. Avoid touching your face…..”

To say I was angry was an understatement. But just as the Lord spoke to Jonah under the tree, the Lord spoke to me at this moment. “Victor, do you like this girl?” “Yes,” I replied. “Who gave you the ability to develop feelings?” “You, sir.” “So is your feelings also subjected to me, or am I subjected to your emotions?” “My emotions are subjected to you…if that is the case, why didn’t you talk to me about it, before taking deliberate actions of getting close to her?” “Emm, actually…” “Many claim I’m the Lord of all yet, they keep some part of their lives away from me.” “It is not my fault; it was doing me gish gish ni.” “You can’t continue to say I’m your Lord and yet you don’t make me the lord of all. Victor, am I the Lord of all or the Lord of small in your life?”

The question hit me hard. I realised how I had not even spoken to God about this, how I had taken steps without asking him.

Even as these thoughts continued to point my directions to where I had been wrong, my phone beeped once again. This time it was a message from my aunt stating she had credited my account.

Author: Ifeoluwa James is a lover of God, a writer, an actor and a lover of drama and movie production. He is a student of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management at Bowen University.

You can connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn

Episode 6 drops on Sunday!

What do you think would happen next?



    1. NCDC ehnnn!! 😂😂😂
      God’s love for us is just amazing, with a little faith!!!
      Account was credited just like that..

      Great inspiration my brother.

  1. Kai… am I the Lord of all or the Lord of small in your life? 💥💥💥
    More grace brother Ifeoluwa.

  2. Hmmmmm. “Am I the Lord of All or the Lord of Small in your life?! “… Hmmmmm
    More Grace Sir.
    But we need to sue these service providers for sucking our data with double straw ooo

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