During my service year, I was privileged to be posted to a place that had a body of water. I enjoyed going there. I really did. In the evenings, as I walked in the vicinity, I felt a calmness of mind that almost defied reason. There were times I went there to be alone with God; listening to Him and pouring out my grievances and heart cries. There were times I went there to clear my head and enjoy my own company. There were times I went there to shout, cry and scream. Other times though, I just went there to walk and look at the water. 🙂

Now, there was a place I would stand from which I could see the water stretch out like a carpet. Boy did I love standing there. As I write this, I realise that I miss those moments. Well, let’s move on before I start writing about my service year experience (That could be a story for another day). Now, whenever someone throws an object into the water, there is usually an initial point of impact. However, the disruption does not stop there, it continues and forms a number of concentric circles (an example is the featured image above). Although the contact was at one place, the impact went beyond that place.

You are wondering how all that I am saying is important to you. Right? Well, I believe the experiences I will share would help highlight its relevance to you, leave an indelible mark in your heart and spur you to action.

Some years back at Bowen University Iwo, I began discipleship classes. We used the Baptist discipleship materials in our lessons. My first teacher was Fadekemi Aderemi Kupoluyi. She was a nice teacher and a great Christian but what touched me most was the fact that she took interest in us as individuals not just as students. Our friendship went beyond the classroom. I remember one particular occasion when she called me to the library. She asked about my friends, studies and general wellbeing. It might seem routine to someone else, but to me it meant a lot. She graduated that session but she has kept in touch since then.

The next teacher I had was Busola Adebanjo. She taught us “Serve the Master”. If there is one thing I remember about her, it is the fact that she was always smiling! Always! She took great interest in us and invested her time and energy into ensuring that we become more like Christ. Finally, the last teacher I would talk about is Oyindamola Taiwo. She was an energetic teacher and she helped us understand more about Christ. However, there is one thing that she encouraged to do. That one thing changed my life. Towards the end of our “Master Life” class, she pleaded that each of us should ensure that we teach at least one discipleship class.

To be honest, the idea never crossed my mind. Me…Iremide… Teach? What do I want to say? To cut the story short, we were 10 in that class and 9 of us taught discipleship classes. I said that the decision changed my life. You wonder how. Afterwards, I was privileged to be a part of other discipleship classes because of her encouragement and it was from those discipleship classes that I had the privilege to learn, impact lives and grow in Christ.

In my little way, I ensured that I took a personal interest in everyone in the class (following the example of Sis. Fadeke). Also, I tried and I still try to always put on a smile (Like Sis. Busola) even though I fail at times. In my own little way too, I encourage everyone in class to teach (Like Sis. Oyin).

Now, back to “Ripples”. Don’t worry, this is the point where I tie the loose ends and conclude. To the three teachers I have written about, I was just one of their students. However, they impacted my life as well as the lives of the other great students in their class. In my own little way, I have tried to impact others too. Just like with a ripple, the contact was with one person but the impact has gone beyond that person. In the same way, Jesus had just 12 disciples, but today we have more than a billion people who profess Christianity. How did that happen? Well, it happened by each disciple touching another person’s life. That person who had been touched went ahead and impacts another person. The person who was impacted by the person who was touched goes ahead and inspires another person .. And the person who was …*smiles*. I think you get the point.

The encouragement to us as believers is that we should touch the lives of others for Christ. We have no idea how many lives are depending on the lives of others. I hope you got the lesson? Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend! Please feel free to share your experiences of people who have impacted your life.

  1. Wow! This is great. You know, just this morning I was thinking about some of the many people God has used to help me grow in the different facets of my life both closely and from a distance. Their names began to roll in and gratitude filled my heart. They’ve inspired me greatly to be a blessing to others in my own little way with the help of God and without knowing, they’ve blessed many other people.

    We’re blessed to be channels of blessings. Who knows how many generations God will touch through us if only we let out those good deeds and words just right in time as the Spirit spurs us on?

  2. What a great delight to know that each day we live,each action we display ,we are leaving a note in the hearts of those who watch us as we move on in life.
    Impact ! whether positively or negatively, some have discouraged others from following Christ, while some have been a real source of wonder and encouragement to the person of Christ. It is worth noting that we are impacting our world. .My prayer is that Christ should be more magnified in our lives to the intent the the world sees nothing but His image and beauty made manifest , known and impacting the world for Him .

  3. Great thoughts brother, as always.

    It is both a fearful thing as it is exciting to think that the workings of our Kingdom on earth depends largely on the ripple effects of our actions and inactions. It is exciting to know that what I do can affect others positively and if that chain is maintained, a lot of difference can be made in the world for God’s glory.

    It is however fearful to realize that my inactions also have ripple effects on the flow of the Kingdom agenda through me. Imagine if the disciples had abandoned their ministries for fishing. Imagine if any of these wonderful teachers you have told us about failed to deliver their impact, we may not be reading this post today. A lot depends on us.

    Thank you for this reminder. May God help us to pay more attention to how we live knowing that the ripple effects may outlive us. Amen.

    1. Amen!! I love your comments and insights! So so amazing. Another perspective to the ripple effect is the chain reaction that you spoke about. What we do whether good or bad starts a chain reaction that has the potential to go beyond our imaginations. May God help us to live in ways that Heaven would approve of, and that generations to come would be blessed. Amen.

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