So, yesterday morning, I was with Abraham and Sarah. Sarah had just checked the strip and things were just as they had been in the beginning; she was still not pregnant. She cried. Her tears were mainly because of the reaction of the pharmacist who sold the kit to her. The young lady asked Sarah whether she was getting the kit for her daughter or her grandchild. It hurt so much that she just smiled, paid for the kit and left.

After I left their place, I visited the Israelites outside Jericho. It was the third day of their walking-round-the-wall exercise. Two men were talking outside their tent. They were looking at the wall of Jericho and the fact that the wall looked as impenetrable as before. All their walking was in vain; maybe Joshua wanted them to walk till they died of exhaustion.

This morning, before I went to work, I went to Mount Carmel and guess who I met? Timothy, the servant of Prophet Elisha. The guy was boiling on the inside. He said this was his fourth time of going towards the sea and looking for what was not lost. “Ire, I don’t get it. My master has been on his knees for hours now, praying for rain, but the thing is there is no visible change in the circumstance. I am tired o.”

During my break at work, this afternoon, I took a bike to Shiloh and after I greeted Prophet Eli, I met Hannah. Aunty Hannah was kabash-ing, praying and asking God for a child. As she finished that prayer session, she sat on the pew in front of mine. “God, this is frustrating. Elkanah is just a typical man; he doesn’t even notice that I am bothered by my barrenness; he keeps saying his love for me should be enough for me. But Lord, he doesn’t get it! Year after year, we have been coming here and I have been praying, but nothing has changed. I don’t get it, Lord. I don’t”

So this evening, as I sit and write, my friends, I have a question for you: “Should we tell them?” Hehehe! Seriously. Should we tell them? Should we tell Mummy Sarah that she’ll carry her child with her own hands, as weak as they are? Should we tell the Israelites that if they just keep walking around the wall, it will collapse, just as God promised? Ehn? Should we tell them?

That Timothy guy who is tired of walking up and down looking for what he is thinking would never come, should we tell him? Should we tell him that he should better start thinking of where he would hide from the heavy downpour that is coming? Or we should just let the guy be surprised? Then, as for Mrs. H. Elkanah, should we tell her that she would be the mother of 6 children? Should we tell her?

Now, let me turn the table. Abi, let me shake the table sef. Hehehe. Should we tell Nike, who has been seeking admission for three years, that she would one day be the minister of education? Should we tell Janet, the entrepreneur hustling for clients, that times will come when she would turn down offers to bake because she is tired? Should we tell Ayo, the young guy looking for his missing rib, that she is just around the corner? That God is committed to keeping His word? That those who put their trust in Him will never be put to shame? Should we tell them? Or should we assume they already know?


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