In the first month of this year, Mr Alagbada-Ina got a gift for His daughter. It was the gift of a landed property. Now, I am not so good with miles, metres and measurements generally, so I’ll describe the land mass in a different manner. To walk from one end of the land to another is equivalent to walking from Lagos State to Oyo State (both in Nigeria). Amazing right? I think so too. Well, the Father constructed a fence around the property in order to prevent wild animals as well as “omo-onile” (please help me with the English word). He built some magnificent structures there and instructed her not to leave the compound. Afterwards, He travelled.

On the first day of August, Mr Alagbada-Ina returned and found His daughter on the fence; she had one leg inside the compound and the other one hanging in mid-air outside. “My Princess, didn’t I tell you not to leave this compound? What are you doing there?” She looked up and replied, “Daddy, technically I am still within the compound. Can you see that my leg has not touched the ground?” With a sad look on His face, the Father replied, “My dear daughter, you have the opportunity to enjoy this large compound but all you want to do is stay on the fence. It doesn’t work that way, my dear. Don’t you realise that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God? You can’t serve two masters. So, I am asking you this question. Do you want to come in or go out? Make your choice now.”

PS. The story is fictional

Writer’s comment: This story mirrors the lifestyle of many of us as Christians. We prefer to be lukewarm; we are neither hot nor cold. Although we have great privileges in Christ to enjoy, we keep seeking for ways to be part of the world. Rather than explore the riches of His Grace, we find ourselves standing on the margins and sidelines.

We enjoy technical correctness. We ask questions like, “Is it sin if I don’t go all the way? Can’t I just drink/smoke/watch a little bit?” I am sure you can give more examples. Today, God is charging us. Rather than staying on the fence, why don’t you explore all that God has for you? Why don’t you seek to maximise the full benefits of your salvation? Why don’t you…

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