Chief: “Omoba, how are you?”

Omoba: Chief, I’m fine. It’s been a while. E ku ojo meta sir. How is Mama?

C: She’s doing well. I’m sure you are wondering why I called.

O: Yes boss.

C: Well, I have an assignment for you.

O: Ah. Oga, but you know that…

C: Omoba, I know. That’s why I have not called you for the past two years. I understand why you made your decision and I respect it.

O: Thank you sir. I’m happy you understand.

C: But…there is an assignment that came up a couple of weeks ago. I considered every person on ground and I decided that no one can execute it without leaving a trace. That’s why I need you.

O: Oga, I’m sorry I can’t. As you know, I’ve chosen a new path.

C: C’mon! I’m sure you have missed the adrenaline rush that comes with carrying out a hit.

O: Errm.. well.. it’s not like that.

C: Omoba, I need just 3 products. With your experience, it would take you less than one week. After this, I promise there would be no other assignment. Just help me with this. For old time’s sake.

O: Chief. I don’t want to do this again. Try and understand.

C: I’ll pay 5m for this. A week’s job. How many months would you need to work at that office of yours to earn this?

O: Oga, I don’t know..

C: Omoba, I know. I didn’t expect an immediate response when I decided to call. Take your time. Today is Wednesday, make sure you get back to me before the week runs out.

O: Hmm. Okay sir.




Thursday Evening



Dayo (Omoba) was embarrassed at work by one of his fellow teachers. He was accused of the theft of ten thousand (10,000) naira. After a thorough search, the missing sum was discovered and everyone apologized to him. For him, it was a sign.

O: *thinking* : Ah! Me! Dayo. A whole Omoba being accused of stealing 10k. My life. In the days when I was ruling the streets! See my life. Aye mi, temi bami. I can’t take this any longer. It’s time to make this call.


To be continued…

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