I gave you my heart, every part of it

All I wanted in return was yours

But now, I see the truth and I admit defeat

As I walk away with pieces of my heart on the floor.

“Hello, my son. How are you?” Mama asked. “Mrs. Adedeji, if my memory serves me correctly, you have two sons – Bayo and Segun.” Looking at the phone to confirm she had dialed the number, the aging woman spoke, “Tayo, is that not you? Shebi you married my daughter? That means you are my son nau. I prayed for you for years. Ever since Lara was a little girl, I asked that God would give her a man after his heart. He brought you her way, and you are truly an answer to prayer.”

Tayo was tired of the woman’s talk. “Mama! Oya I’m your son. But how can I be happy when after six weeks of marriage I have not entered the place.” Mrs. Adedeji was confused. “My son, which place is that? I thought you have entered the new apartment that you and your wife rented.” Tayo was amazed at the woman’s naivety. “Mama, it’s been six weeks and I have not yet had sex with my wife!”

As she dropped the call, Mrs. Adedeji called her daughter. “Omolara!” Lara was so happy to hear from her mum, “Mummy Mummy! Any other mummy is a counterfeit. How you dey?” “Don’t mummy me o. Lara, don’t mummy me at all. What did that young man do to you? Is this how I trained you? You are meant to be a God-fearing lady. You are meant to be a help meet. A crown on his head. Not cancer to his bones. Why are you doing this?” Lara could connect the pieces. Tayo had spoken to her mum. How childish of him. She would deal with him later. Now, she had to find a way to get her mother off her neck.

“Mummy, it is not like that. It’s just that I am afraid of having sex for the first time. Back in school, I heard some people’s nasty experiences and also I once saw a young lady who had sex for the first time and she could not walk well for a week. That experience scarred me mentally.” Mrs. Adedeji was calmer. “Lara, but the pastor who counseled you must have discussed this issue with you nau. I also spoke extensively with you about how you’ll go about it. Ki lo de ti o fi n se bi omode? Why are you acting like a child? Don’t you pity your husband? The poor boy kept himself all through his single years and now you want him to keep on keeping himself. Lara, ko da o. It is not good.”

“I’m sorry for acting like a child. It is just fear, that’s all. As for Tayo, I’ll apologize to him when he gets back. These past few weeks have been difficult for him. You should have seen him chasing me around in the honeymoon suite at Obudu. I was just shouting, “Leave me alone. I don’t want”. Ah, Mama, my husband has tried o.” Her mother could not hold the laughter. “Hehehe. You better make it up to him o. Ehen. Pele Omo mi. You’ll get over it. Take good care of yourself.” Lara smiled. She had dealt with her mother. She was left with her husband.



“Welcome back Tayo. It must have been a rough day.” She got no response. “But come o, Tayo, why did you act like a child? You told my mum that we had not had sex all through the six weeks we’ve been married. Didn’t you?” He shrugged and nodded. “You no try o. But then, if you wanted to tell her, why didn’t you also tell her that you beat me during our honeymoon? Ehn. Why did you not also tell her that we’ve slept in different rooms ever since we got back a month ago?”

His response was not what she expected. “I’m sorry I forgot to add those details. I’ll let her know when next she calls. Is that fine with you? Nonsense.” With that, he entered his room and locked the door. Lara’s mouth stayed open.

She sat on the floor in the living room. It was clear that her life was taking a downward spiral. She had been sexually abused as a teenager and now, physically abused as a wife. She wondered what else could go wrong. Sadly, she was about to find out.

She saw her husband’s phone on the dining table and knew he had forgotten to take it with him to the room. Ever since the unfortunate incident during their honeymoon, he guarded his phone jealousy. She picked up the phone and went to the kitchen so that she would be able to check through comfortably.

What she saw was shocking…


Lara was broken. She could not believe her eyes. Quickly, she scrolled through his previous conversations with the Mechanic. She discovered that the Mechanic was actually a lady named Chidera who had a son for her husband. She was shocked to see pictures of several meetings her husband had with the lady and his son. One, in particular, caught her eye, it was a picnic on the Thursday before their wedding.  Tayo, Chidera and the young boy were having a good time judging by the pictures.

That was it, for her. She could no longer take it. She took  her pen and wrote:





PS. This story is fictional.

Ire: The journey from “I do” to “I don’t want to see you again” took six weeks for Tayo and Lara. For several families, it takes a longer time, but they eventually arrive at the same destination. Separation. For some, the separation is not physical; they live in the same house and sometimes even use the same room, but for the rest of their journey, they live as mere roommates or sometimes business partners.

“In the beginning, it was not so…” Matthew 19:8

God’s design for the home was that two would become one. That they would be naked but not ashamed; intimate in all areas. However, this is not the reality of several homes.

Unbroken emotional ties, dishonesty, and lack of transparency were among the reasons why the family of Mr. and Mrs. Tayo & Lara Fadipe struggled. It does not have to be the same for you. It will not be the same for you.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

Are you building a foundation on falsehood and half-truths? Is your home shaking and about to fall? Are you at the crossroad of decision? Wherever you are, Christ is calling to you. He is willing to help you. He will guide you with His word,  His Spirit, wise counsel, godly books and the examples of model Christian couples.

God is committed to the success of your home. You will not fail.


“…and so Father Lord, we thank you for the privilege of salvation. Thank you for calling us your children. We pray for homes that are like Tayo and Lara’s, we ask that you will step in and calm the raging storms. We pray that you will bring godly counsel their way and help them to listen and obey. We ask that you will remove the scales of lust, pride, anger, and ego. We pray that you will help all of us to have homes that honour you. Homes that bear fruit – fruit that will last. Homes that will conquer territories for you. Homes that will reunite in Heaven, when it is all said and done. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers, for we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen!”


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Unveiled: The Journey



  1. So they finally broke up 😥😥😫😫😫
    Only God can sustain a relationship. Lessons learnt. Unku Ire, God bless you.

  2. Hmmm….
    What a journey! The journey of marriage is one that should be totally dependent on God even in the worst times. May the Lord help us!
    God bless you sir for this wonderful piece!

  3. My, oh my! I believe God is indispensable in keeping any relationship alive and working but it’s a triangular thing. God is always playing His part. The humans involved must be willing to take up responsibility and do what it takes to make the relationship work. I think that’s one of the major challenges in building beautiful relationships.

    The foundation on which a relationship or marriage is built is also very important.

    God is helping us. We should play our parts too.

    Thank you for sharing! God bless you.

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