June last year, I got a call from Bisi. We were course mates in school and had managed to keep in touch. We had exchanged happy new month messages, “Please send me the video on your WhatsApp status” messages, job openings, birthday messages, and the likes. However, we had not spoken in years, so I was surprised to see the phone call.

Bisi: Hello Ire, how are you doing?

Ire: I’m fine o. How your side nau?

Bisi: Pushing it o. One day at a time.

Ire: Abi o.. na so e be

Bisi: I called you to inform you that my wedding would be coming up next year by God’s grace.

Ire: That’s great! Congratulations o. I’m happy for you.

Bisi: It will hold on the 7th of February, 2019. I will send the IV to you on WhatsApp. I just wanted to call you before I send it.

Ire: No wahala. God will take control. I’ll be there.

Over the next few months, we exchanged messages. It was mainly small talk to ensure that everything was fine in regards to the preparation. Then, a few weeks to the wedding, I saw the pre-wedding pictures on her Facebook page. They were really beautiful. The couple was looking so adorable. I commented, “Congratulations! This is lovely!”

Fast forward to the wedding week. The venue of the wedding was Bisi’s church at Ilupeju in Lagos, so on Friday, I left work early and traveled to Lagos. I stayed with my friend, Tayo, who stays at Surulere. We planned to go to the wedding together.

Saturday morning. The wedding day. We arrived at the church looking sweet. Seriously, you had to see us. I might even post the pictures later  As we made our way into the church, I saw Sola and Ade. We had not seen in a long time. We exchanged pleasantries. The church was well decorated. The pastor, choir, ushers and other workers were ready.

The program was meant to start by 9am. However, at 9:30am, the bride and groom were not yet around. People were worried. Suddenly the bride’s father walked up to the pulpit. “Hello everyone. There’s a short video that I’ll like everyone to watch”

The video began to play on the screen. It was Bisi and her fiancé, Jide.

“Hello guys. What’s up? We just want to let you know that the wedding would not hold today. This morning, we reviewed our preparations and decided to reschedule to Saturday, 23rd February 2019. This will afford us the opportunity to address identified challenges in order to ensure that our wedding is tabloid-worthy. This was a difficult decision but necessary for the greater good. Further information will be communicated to you. Bye for now”


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