In our first study, we learnt about the importance of patience and trusting God’s word as well as His timing.

 “Wait, Samuel is coming.”

We learnt that if Saul had heard those words, and decided against sacrificing the burnt offering, the outcome would have been different. Sadly, he didn’t, and it wasn’t.

Today, we are moving on to the next example of a situation where the words, “Wait, Samuel is coming” would have made a world of difference.


More than 40 years after the incident in our first lesson, Saul was in a fix yet again. And again, it was the threat of the Philistines that was his concern.

Scriptures record that when Saul saw the vast Philistine army, he became frantic with fear. At this point, Samuel had died, and he had been buried in Ramah, his hometown.

How did Saul respond? Firstly, he turned to the Lord. However, there was no response. Sadly, it seemed that his fate was already decided.

Saul’s next action was one that surprised everyone.

Sometime before the Philistine invasion, Saul had banned all mediums and those who consult the spirits of the dead, from the land of Israel. So, it surprised his advisers when he asked them to find a woman served as a medium between the living and the dead. They were shocked.

In a time of great need, the king was turning to what he had condemned and abolished. He was turning to the enemy!

In Leviticus 19:31, the Lord instructed his people, “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.” However, here was Saul pursuing a forbidden option due to fear. Just like he had done several years ago.

Later that night, Saul was accompanied by two of his men to the apartment of the medium at Endor. However, before he could sit in the seat of the scornful, he took off his royal robes and wore ordinary clothes. (1 Samuel 28:8). God’s Chosen king was letting go of his identity because of fear.

And so, as Saul conversed with the medium, he assured her that nothing bad would happen to her for assisting him in calling up a dead man’s spirit, in disobedience to the king’s command. Little did she know that the king was the one in her house.

At this point, I looked into the heavens and saw the Lord permitting Samuel to give a final message to Saul. I was sad. God’s initial plan was to establish a dynasty of kings through Saul. However, here was God’s anointed, disguising in the cold, dark apartment of a medium at Endor. A far cry from God’s plan.

Saul was sitting nervously. He was lost. He had no sense of direction. He needed to see Samuel!

And just before Samuel’s spirit emerged, I whispered to Saul, “Wait, Samuel is coming”. I shed tears as I spoke those words, even though the king could not hear me. Samuel was indeed coming. He was coming to deliver God’s judgement to a man who Heaven had invested so much in. He was coming to speak Heaven’s mind over a man who retorted to evil ways which he had condemned due to the pressure around him.

And moments later, Samuel appeared, and delivered the sad news. The Lord had turned his back on his anointed, and Saul was going to be killed in battle, along with his sons.


So, what lessons would the Lord have us learn from this encounter? Well, I believe that as Christians, we need to nurture our relationship with God. Saul disregarded the Lord’s counsel over the years and neglected his relationship with God. Therefore, at a critical point when he needed God’s direction, the Lord was silent. There was no link between the Lord and his Chosen One.

Yes, we have the mercy of God and He can intervene, like He did for Samson, but would you rather be fighting for survival at your life’s end, or celebrating a life well lived?

Also, we need to watch our response to difficult situations. What would you do if your rent is due, and there is no money in your account? How would you respond to a termination letter at your place of work? Where would you run to when your mates are making impact, but you seem to be stuck? Saul eventually turned to an evil source. An option he had condemned! His fear of the Philistines drove him to a wrong option.

My dear brothers and sisters, are there things you have let go at the foot of the Cross that you are now picking up? Is your desire for a solution leading you to seek answers from idols? The Lord is calling you. It is time for you to turn away from evil and return to the Lord. The time to repent is now! Do not delay, so when next we read or hear about you, it won’t be said that “How the mighty have fallen!”, as it was said concerning Saul in 2 Samuel 1:19, 27)

Shall we pray?

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your word that has come to us. We are grateful for the reminders, the rebuke, and the call to repentance. Lord Jesus, in ways we have gone astray and sought for solutions in places that you do not approve, Father, we repent. We ask that you help us to seek you alone and pursue an intimate relationship with you. Teach us. Help us. Guide us.

Thank you, Father, for answering our prayers, for we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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