We continue our lesson series by visiting Hannah. Mummy Samuel herself! The Lord has so many blessings in store for us, and it is my prayer that we will enjoy the fullness of His blessings in Jesus’ name.

Year after year, Elkanah and his family went to Shiloh to worship and sacrifice to the Lord Almighty. Each year, Hannah prayed for a child. Sadly, there seemed to be no end to her wait.

I would like to start this study with a testimony I have shared with family and friends.

In the morning of November 13, 2019, I read 1 Samuel 1 during my quiet time and verse 27 stuck in my mind as my anchor verse. “For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him.” 1 Samuel 1:27.

Later that day, I got a call from the Human Resources contact person at an organization I had interviewed with a few weeks earlier. He asked me to check my inbox. I was eager to see what the content of the email, as this was an organization I wanted to work with.

Well, I checked and there it was. An offer letter! I was super excited. I had received my Samuel. The Lord had granted me my petition which I asked of Him.

And on this note, I pray that you will receive your Samuel! The Lord will surprise you and give you reasons to rejoice in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Let’s return to Mummy Samuel. Hannah had endured the taunts and ridicule from her rival who provoked her till she wept and would not eat.

Then one year, when they had finished eating and drinking in Shiloh, Hannah stood up and went to pray in deep anguish.

From a few meters beside her, I shouted “Wait, Samuel is coming!” Surprisingly, Hannah heard and answered me.

Hannah: Who is Samuel? When is he coming? Why is he coming?

Iremide: Samuel is your first son. By this time next year, you will be holding him in your hands.

Hannah: What do you mean my first son? In case you don’t know, I have been waiting for a child for several years. All I want is just one child. I am tired of that woman making jest of me, and my husband does not seem to understand. Please don’t raise my hopes. I am tired of waiting!

Iremide: Hannah, please, wait, Samuel is coming. Your first son is coming. You will have three other sons and two more daughters. Jehovah has heard your tears. He has remembered you.

As Hannah was about to reply to me, Eli, the priest, approached her. He had noticed that her lips were moving but there was no voice. He thought she was drunk, but Hannah spoke up and corrected the

Then, Eli spoke the word of the Lord to her, “Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant you what you have asked of him.” Suddenly, Hannah’s face brightened up. She believed the word of the Lord.

“Blessed is she who has believe d that the Lord would fulfil his promises to her.” Luke 1:45.

And just as the Lord has said through his servant, Hannah conceived and gave birth to Samuel. However, the Lord’s answer did not stop there. The Lord was gracious to Hannah; after Samuel, she gave birth to three sons and two daughters.

Beloved, is there something you have been waiting for that seems to be out of reach? The Lord’s word is coming to you today! “Wait, Samuel is coming.” I know the taunts are getting frustrating. I know the pain is deep. I know you have presented the issue to the Lord year after year. I know. I know. But please, be like Hannah, believe the word of the Lord. Let us face no longer be downcast. Start preparing for your testimony.

You are waiting for one, but God will give you multiples! Exponential blessings! Beyond what you could ask or think!

Samuel is coming. Very soon, we will gather to celebrate with you in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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