To God be the glory, great things He hath done. Today, we conclude our series, “Wait, Samuel is coming.” We have considered what difference it would have made for Saul and Hannah to hear those words during different periods in their life.

For Saul, we learnt from his experience sacrificing burnt offering despite Samuel’s instructions – CHAPTER 1 (SAUL)

And we visited him more than forty years later when he visited the medium of Endor and asked her to summon Samuel’s spirit – CHAPTER 2 (SAUL)

Last time around, we met Hannah as she wept and prayed about her heart desire – CHAPTER 3 (HANNAH)

Today, we meet with a man after God’s heart, David, months before he was anointed as king. I pray that the Lord will speak to us and help us to see His heart regarding the need for preparation and patience.

In 1 Samuel 16, God instructed Samuel to anoint a replace for Saul, who he had rejected. God directed him to the house of Jesse. When Jesse’s first son Eliab appeared before Samuel, he thought the young man was the Lord’s anointed. However, God made it clear that He had rejected Eliab, as God looks at a man’s heart not his appearance. Jesse’s other sons passed before Samuel, but none of them was God’s anointed.

The prophet then asked, “Are these all the sons you have?” And when he was told that the youngest son was tending the sheep, he said “Send for him; we will not sit down until he arrives.”

Let’s go back a few months before that meeting.

I met David while he was tending the sheep. He was tired. He felt he was forgotten in an obscure location. He had killed lions and bears, but no one cared about his exploits. He had even learnt how to sling stones with accuracy, but there was no accolade. No acclaim. Nothing.

I smiled and told him, “Wait, Samuel is coming.”

He asked, “Who is Samuel and what is he coming to do?”

Iremide: He is the one that will herald a new phase in your life. He will anoint you and announce you to the world.

David: What are you saying? How can these things be?

Iremide: Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep honing your skills. They will come in handy soon.

David: Somehow, I find this difficult to believe.

Iremide: I totally understand. Another thing, please enjoy this phase of solitude. Use it to grow your relationship with the Lord. You will miss these times of quietness.

David: I hear you. It is difficult to imagine, but I am looking forward to that time. At least, I would not be lonely again.

Iremide: Long reign the King!

David: Who is that?

I realized I had spoken beyond what I expected, and told David that I will speak with him later.

Now, the Lord’s word for you, dear “David”. You are in an obscure location, serving the Lord, growing your skills, and working diligently on your business or for an employer. However, it seems like no one is noticing. You are wondering if this is how you will continue. You are tired.

Well, I have a word from the Lord for you! “Wait, Samuel is coming.” Your time of anointing and announcement is coming. The Lord will announce you to the nations. Your skills will find expression on a global scale. You will stand before kings. Don’t worry. Don’t be discouraged. Trust the Lord. Samuel is coming. Very soon, you will miss those times when you were in that obscure location. It is difficult to believe abi? Just ask David, he will tell you.

Shall we pray? Our heavenly father, we thank you for the privilege to be your children. Accept our thanksgiving. Lord Jesus, we ask that you grant us the patience to trust your timing. Help us to be prepared for the places you are preparing for us. Thank you for answering our prayers, for we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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