In the first part of our study, we considered the need for growth and how it is important for us to be solution providers and not problem analysts. Also, we noted the request for the presence and how we need the presence of God in our life’s journey. And we highlighted the importance of work and how planning alone does not suffice.

I am convinced that the Lord will speak to us through our study today and our lives will be transformed in Jesus’ name. Amen.

2 Kings 6:1-7

A. The Hazards of Work

“But as one was cutting down a tree, the iron ax head fell into the water” vs. 5

We concluded the first part of our study by discussing the importance of work. However, as we see from this account, work comes with risks.

If the sons of the prophets remained at their previous location, there would have been no need for borrowed axes or cutting down of trees. However, there would also not have been any growth.

As we work on growing spiritually, physically and in various areas of our lives, the chances are high that we will make mistakes.

B. The Cry for Help

“…and he cried out” vs. 5

What do you when things go wrong?

Some people blame themselves. I should not have swung the ax head that way. Maybe I should have waited at home. Why did we even need to build a new place? Sometimes when things go wrong, we blame ourselves.

Some people give up. “Well, at least I tried” Sometimes when we face challenges in pursuit of growth, we give up. In this case, the man could have decided to go home. He could even have decided to stay on the side-lines. Sometimes we do the same. We remain in the church, school or organization, but we mentally sign out. We give up.

Rather than withdrawing or blaming himself, this man cried out and I believe God wants us to learn how and when to cry out. You tried a business and did not pass, cry out. Your work is overwhelming, cry out. Your walk with God has become a thing of the past, cry out. Don’t sit in silence, cry out!

C. A Plea to the Master

As much as we need to cry, it is also important that we know who to cry to.

“He cried out and said, “Alas master…”” vs. 5

He cried out to the person who was able to make a difference. It reminds me of the blind man who cried “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me”. He was specific about his request, and he was also explicit about the one He needed help from. Jesus.

The son of the prophet in this account cried to Elisha.

As the challenges come, please cry out. However, please cry out to the right person. Cry out to God in prayers. All your pain, heartache, and grief. All your fears, doubts, and dashed dreams. Whatever it might be, take it to Him. He is willing to help you.

And so our Heavenly Father, we come to you. John 6:37 says that “No one who comes to you will you in any wise cast away.” We are crying to you because we know that you have the solution to our problems. Some people lost the ax head in their ministries years ago. They have been struggling and cutting trees with only wood. Some people lost the ax head in their businesses, and as such have no unique expertise in demand. They have resigned to fate and are sat on the side-lines.

Heavenly Father, we can go on listing our struggles and losses, but tonight we are crying to you in prayer. We ask that you help us. Heal us. Restore us. Do that which only you can do. For we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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