There is something about the written word that I can’t adequately express. It is like bottling up a treasure that is timeless; it has the capacity to affect generations yet unborn with the same potency with which it affected those who first encountered. This is exemplified by books that were written years ago but which still speak and change lives even though some of the authors might be resting six feet below.

The written word also has the ability to go beyond borders. The author might be in a hostel in Nigeria and the reader might be in a high-rise office in Canada or a mission field in Algeria. It has the capacity to go into territories that people can’t physically be present. It is like the wind; it can’t be caught.

There are few privileges that are greater than being a writer. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be considering a theme: WRITING FOR A CHANGE. We would explore some important lessons about this noble calling. There would be four writers sharing their thoughts on vital subjects. I trust that it will spur you on and help fan into flames the gift of God in your life. The journey begins tomorrow!!

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