A writer, even if he might not be a person of many words in speech, is a person of many words in his heart and a lot of times, he comes under pressure to release the matters in his heart through his pen. Sometimes, regardless of whether or not his life reflects what he writes about. People write for different courses and different reasons, but a Christian writer writes for the cause of God and his kingdom.

Now it’s important to sit and ponder and ask yourself as a Christian writer; I write for the benefit of God’s kingdom, but has his kingdom come in my own heart and in my own life? For his kingdom to come in your life means that His rule is established in your life, he is the controller of your life and he is your priority.

Mark 3:14 gives an account of how Jesus ordained his twelve disciples and it is worthy of note that Bible says he appointed them first THAT THEY SHOULD BE WITH HIM and then that he might send them forth to preach. God wants us to be with him first above anything else, it is after we are with him, that he then sends us.  He wants to be our utmost and one desire before we desire to do “ministry” or bless people with our writing gift for him.

Fellowship and communion is the horse, while assignment and impact is the cart and the cart never comes before the horse, the acceleration and speed of the cart are determined by that of the horse as the horse is the pulling system for the cart. It means the progress and level of impact you will make as a Christian writer, will be determined by the depth of your own personal relationship with God.

Have you abandoned the first and main thing which is your fellowship and relationship with God? You may still be writing actively inspired by scriptures and yet your walk with God is not in order. Beyond your write-ups, you are a living epistle. Can the people who are reading your life directly and not from a blog, post or book you have written say you represent God well? Can they say your life matches what you write?  It takes a lot of discipline, sense of purpose and a tender conscience to be a consistent writer and still consistently mirror your own life by the things you write.

As much as it is important that we use our talent(s) for the benefit of God’s kingdom, we are made primarily for communion and fellowship with God, this is the sole aim of our creation. How do we know how to use our talent in the way God our maker will be pleased if we are not in touch with him who wired it into us?

It is from spending ample time with God that we have what to share with the world as he teaches and instructs us. It is as we spend time with God that we know if what we write per time is the word in season and not from our emotions. It is as we spend ample time with God that we stop using our writing gift and well-constructed words as an avenue to get back at offenders or send subliminal messages to attack some people.

About the scariest things I have seen in scriptures is when Jesus spoke in Matthew 7:22-23 of how many will say to him at the last day of how they have prophesied, cast out devils and done many wonderful works in his name and yet he would tell them, I never knew you, depart from me you that work iniquity. That’s the worst tragedy anyone could ever experience.

This reveals that a person can be so zealous and full of activities in the name of the Lord, command the respect and attention of the world, be called a person of great impact as a result of the work he is doing and yet God is not aware.

You may write “for God” and he still does not know you, but you can’t be in a buoyant relationship with God and be a carrier of his presence and he would not know you. The gift of God’s presence is more important than your writing gift.  If all be taken from you, including your gifting and his presence remains, you have lost nothing, but if you have all, yet lack his presence, you lack everything.

Author: Sharon Ajao

Sharon Ajao

Sharon is a writer, singer, and songwriter deeply inspired by God’s word


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