This episode marks the end of Writing for a Change 2017. It has been a great privilege going on this journey with you.

We have learnt how to transform our ideas to tangible pieces (BIRTHING THE VISION) also we have considered things that reduce the quality and effectiveness of our works (REMOVING THE DROSS) and last week, we learnt some important tips that can help us to create a lasting impression in the hearts of our readers (LEAVING AN IMPRESSION) . Today, we want to learn how we can stay the course. We want to learn how we can run and not grow weary. We want to learn how we can keep keeping on. As this topic came to my mind, the first person I thought of was Ifeoluwa Alabi. He is a brother who has consistently turned out quality pieces that have touched my life greatly. I trust that you will enjoy the lessons that he will share and more importantly, put them into practice. Enjoy! 

Dear Writer,

First of all, words cannot fully express how honoured I am to be asked to share some thoughts with you on an issue that I believe to be pivotal to achieving any meaningful impact by the enormous power of your ink and pen. I do not write as someone who has attained so much in this journey but as someone who is deeply convinced about how much God can achieve through us as we surrender our creative abilities and skills for the use of the Kingdom.

Sometimes in 2015, I felt a divine nudging to start what has now become known as JustPurposeDaily, a platform on which I share thoughts about purpose and potential every day. When I started, I was afraid of many things. How would I sustain the flow? Would I not run out of content? And so on and so forth. We are now in 2017, to the glory of God, I have not stopped writing.

You see, consistency is the currency of relevance. When you see or hear something once, you may not take any notice of it. When you see it the second time, you may give it a passing glance. But when you see it the third time, you are likely to pay more attention. This is the power of CONSISTENCY. It was Anthony Robbins that said it’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently. I agree with him.

I am convinced that if we will become change agents through our writing, consistency is key. We cannot be writing once in a while and expect to get better, gather any following or lead with greater influence. So, let me share with you very quickly some thoughts to help you become consistent in your writing.

  1. Be driven by a clear PURPOSE.

Why do you write? Do you write for the likes, comments or retweets? Are you convinced about the transformation your words can bring to the life of your readers?

Purpose is the fuel for consistency. If you are not writing out of a depth of passion and a conviction of purpose, you are not likely to be consistent in your writing. This is because the likes and comments are extrinsic factors. Consistency thrives on internal motivation so that external factors matter only little in determining when and how you show up to write for change. So, to be consistent, first answer the question, WHY DO YOU WRITE?

  1. Develop a SELF-DEPLOYMENT Plan.

Writing consistently requires intentionality. You have to be intentional about fulfilling the purpose you serve with your writing. Understand the various platforms available for you to connect with your readers. Get a spot on any of this platforms. It could be your Facebook Wall or Page, it could be via your twitter handle. You may even create a blog or website or create an email list. Whichever you choose, understand how the platform works and develop a schedule for your writing. Let some people you trust keep you accountable. Above all, be accountable to God for the deployment of your writing potentials.

  1. Develop a SELF-DEVELOPMENT Plan.

Most people find it challenging to stay consistent in their writing because they fear they will run out content. I think you can only run out of content if you stop growing and interacting with the various sources of your inspiration. If you write solely on issues from the Bible, you shouldn’t run out of content if you stay glued to the Scriptures and int3eract regularly with the Holy Spirit. If you write on politics, you have to commit yourself to reading and seeking knowledge about what is happening on the Political scene. The point is that you cannot be consistent in deploying your potentials of writing for change if you are not consistent in developing your skills and resourcefulness. So, develop a plan to help you be intentional about praying, reading, studying, thinking, and meeting the kind of people that will help you grow.

On the whole,  I have learnt that the greatest secret to growing as a writer is not only to read regularly but also to write consistently. Consistency does not only place you on a pedestal of influence, it empowers you to be more suited for your divine assignment. So, I hope these few words of mine help you find and strengthen your resolve to embrace consistency as a value core to your writing.

Cheers to you and to the impact that will flow from your pen!

Author: Ifeoluwa Alabi. Ife is a Christian who is passionate about helping people discover their unique assignment here on earth. He is a purpose coach and a lawyer in equity. He believes that everyone who would live a meaningful life must live fully to die empty. For more spirit inspired write ups on purpose check out

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  1. Seeing that this is the final post for WFAC shocked me. I thought it was going to last for several weeks o, like eight or more. Anyways, I’ve really learnt from WFAC. Thank you for all the mind opening tips. Thank you for allowing God use you. May you never lose connection from your source. God bless you sir!

  2. This is really great!

    #WFAC2017 has ended *weeps*

    Really I’ve learnt a lot from this series. Thanks Oga wa for this inspired initiative. More grace and power to you elbow. 🙇

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