Hello. I grew up as the only son of my parents and it was quite a difficult experience for me. But my Dad got a promotion and we moved to the South West. Well, the reason why I am writing this is that in my teenage years, I had sex with some girls in my secondary school and I’m sad to say that most of them weren’t fully conscious of what they were doing. Usually, it was after parties.

The thing is most of those girls were loose and they didn’t seem to be bothered whatever went down. But then there were two that were sober when they woke up and realized what had happened. Till today, I still replay the words one of them said to me. I said sorry to both of them then, but I still feel guilty.

That is why I am writing. I am married with two kids – two girls. My wife doesn’t know the detailed stories. She just knows I was wayward growing up. But the guilt is crazy. It is killing me. Everytime I look at my daughters, I remember the tears of those girls – those two girls. I don’t know what to do. I’m wondering if I should seek to contact those girls I slept with those years ago or whether I should just tell my wife. I am scared of anything happening to my daughters and confused about what to do. Help me. Please.

Yours Sincerely,


Yours Sincerely, Anonymous will round up next week. After that, I’ll share a comprehensive post with all the letters and selected comments from the responses.

Thank you so much for the contributions. They are greatly appreciated and very helpful.

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  1. Hello Anon,

    Here’s what you can do. If you can get in touch with these ladies (hopefully, they’ve moved on and have forgiven you in their hearts) it will be good to tender a proper apology to them (better if you met in person and they are willing).

    You have a better understanding of your actions and you are sincerely sorry.

    You cannot change the past, but with knowledge you can do better in future.

    Seek your wife’s counsel by explaining the details of what happened in the past and how it haunts you now. She would provide you the required moral support and may even accompany you to meet the ladies and apologize to them.

    Accept Christ’s forgiveness. Speak God’s word over your life (Romans 8:1). Replace fear with faith. Forgive yourself and embrace the marvelous future God has for you.


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